Love Isn’t Practical.




Please Listen.


This is often how I feel! Unable to express my prayers in the right words. And wonder if these prayers need to spoken aloud or if silent prayers I say all day long in my head and heart will be heard. Please listen through my heart. My lips may not be able to speak the words.


Worry, Not.





That one small moment in life. One of the simplest things that just leaves you feeling satisfied! Like the way the sun light falls upon the trees and just that small gleam of light as it is the last part of the day light. That one small moment in life.


Life is like…..



Breath taking!


One of my most favorite photos/memories of 2012! A day of the North Shore on Lake Superior! I cannot wait to go back and spend more time on the shore in the spring time! It’s so humbling and refreshing to the soul!

I really think I am meant to be a traveler/wanderer/explorer of this world. It’s my job to be inspired by this! It fuels my creativity.

Winter time is such a tough time of year because I get such cabin fever being inside and can’t be outside really because I am a HUGE freeze baby. I hate being cold. I need to start sucking it up because it is ice skating time and My daughter is aching to go. Maybe this weekend! She would enjoy it and maybe I could dream of being a skater again like I did when I was a kid.

And on a different note— an inspirational note— if you have Netflix; search the movie title, “The Letter Writer”. It’s an awesome movie!

Until next time, Peace!
Shanna Mae Olsen