The only things constant in life; is Change.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!! Also a very Happy Birthday Jesus! What a great Christmas holiday with all of my family. It was wonderful to be able to spend time creating more memories with all of my family. I got to see a lot of family this weekend.

I’ve been blessed with amazing family and friends. Regardless of being sick; I have made the most of every moment I was given. I have also been doing a lot of reflecting on life over the weekend and preparing for an art show at Bad Cat. I have a lot going on in my mind right now and my focus isn’t doing much for me at the moment. I have been working through out the holiday as well. I just find myself more frustrated than anything.

So many things to do. So many things to figure out about life. So many things going on. I question myself as to when I will stop doing this to myself. I seem to find myself doing a lot of things and then the chances I have to really take a break and focus on my own things; on my own time with out being rushed or pressing time–I seem to forget the opportunity for a real “break” from the outside world. I think I have been running myself for too long that I have neglected my own health and I have worn myself out more than I have known until now.

I function way better under pressure and when I have a lot to do (ie; juggling school, work, child, business). I don’t quite understand. Maybe because my brain doesn’t have time to wonder, rather than to keep going and move on the the next goal.

Every year at this time; I like to reflect on the past year to revisit the various things I have had the chance to experience, lessons learned, the good, the bad, happy and sad, etc. This past year was very eventful. Some things I hold locked within my heart; and probably will never be shared.

The year 2010 created many memories. It had its share of pain and sorrow. An over worked mind and body. A beaten down into the ground body and mind. A shattered soul. A teathered heart. A journey down a road less traveled. One full of excitement and fear for unknown. Don’t get me wrong; there was also many moments of laughter and joy and an abundance of memories created! This year taught me a lot of things. It has shown me things and helped me grow. For everything and part of 2010; I am thankful and blessed to have had the chance to experience.

I have had a difficult time lately. Sorting thoughts. Feeling complete; in a sense. Life has been crazy. For everyone.  And alls I can say is; Thank you Lord, for all of the friends and family you’ve blessed me with because I am not so sure I would have been able to get to this point if I did not have them and if it weren’t for you. Happy Birthday!

I really need to get some sleep now. I have much more to post and probably need to start writing things on paper so I can stop forgetting them as soon as I sit down to write a post. Anyways; tonight’s post was mainly to wish all of my dear friendships a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am off to sleepy time land.

Good night.

Love & Peace.
Shanna Mae