Call To Artists: 2011 Bemidji Sculpture Walk

Attention to all Artists; Regional, National and International!!!!

There is a great opportunity for all artists to enter a sculpture into the Annual Bemidji Sculpture Walk!!

The Sculpture Walk committee will select the 20 best submissions,based on their conceptual strength, originality, and workmanship. These will be presented for 12 months in locations throughout Bemidji.

All artists, sponsors, and art lovers are invited to our Artist’s reception and awards ceremony at the Hampton Inn-Bemidji. Come celebrate the installation of the new show. Food and refreshments will be provided.

And remember the Beaver that was headlining the media!? Gaea!? Well, please read on!!

The Sculpture Painters Project will culminate that same evening with our Beaver Sculptures Auction Event. All eleven original artist’s works will be sold to the highest bidders.

The delivery and installation of works will be on Friday, May 20, and Saturday, May 21 to coincide with the reception. Sculptors must submit the following items via mail or email, postmarked by March 29, 2011: -Sculpture title, dimensions, material, price.- Insurance value and installation requirements. -5-10 images of submitted work (jpeg or printed).-Image list with name, title, media and date made.-Written proposals for a sculpture will be accepted,  if accompanied by images of relevant work,  sketches/plans for proposed work, and detailed  descriptions.

Deadline for entry March 29

Installation begins May 20

Celebration and Auction May 21

Go to to get all details.


I will even post the link below for the application!


If you shall have any questions of any sort we would LOVE to hear from you! Do not hesitate!!!!

Visit Bemidji Sculpture Walk at !!!

  • Cash Prizes
  • Networking with Artists
  • Free Food and Refreshments

What more could you ask for!?  Be sure to pass this information on to friends and family and friends of friends of family of friends and you get the picture! 😉 This is an amazing opportunity!!!

Shanna Mae

Bemidji Sculpture Walk



Dear Saturday, May today be full of sunshine!?

So, again I have been slacking on my blog. I just have been so busy with summer classes and trying to finish up my Koi fish sculpture for the 2010 Bemidji Sculpture Walk! It happened on Thursday I finished my sculpture! What a great feeling!!!! It was amazing! Then yesterday (Friday) it was installed at its new beautiful home on the corner in front of the Wild Hare Cafe! Now, I thought on Thursday I couldn’t smile any bigger but yesterday I am pretty sure I smiled for hours and HOURS. It was a pretty amazing feeling! I have never been part of something that huge and well it was an awesome feeling and I am so thankful that I have had the privilege to do so.

Tonight there is a small gathering open to the public for meeting the artists of the sculptures that have been installed for the sculpture walk and the artists who were chosen for the Beaver project (will be installed June 6) at the Wild Rose Theater across from the Bemidji Community Art Center on Bemidji Ave/197. There will be a potluck as well! This will be from 5:30-6:45.

I also have some other art work from my lithography printmaking class but was not sure how to upload in a blog from my phone. So, eventually I will get pictures of all of my art work. Since, classes ended for the semester on May 8th I have been busy with Summer Classes. I have been enjoying bookmaking and jewelry and metals. However, I did have to learn that jewelry and metals is NOT the same or even close to welding! I had to adjust to working on my delicate things!! The summer classes are very intense and after class I spend time with my daughter so I do not get much time to work on my sewing! Once the May term is over, June term starts and I get to take screen printing! Now I am extremely excited for this considering one day I got excited by the outcome of it and ordered a bunch of supplies and have not yet used them because I am afraid of screwing up the burning of the screen process. These supplies are NOT cheap! But, I am extremely excited to learn how to burn the screens and all about the chemicals considering we did screen print shirts for the BSU Student Art Association.

We have already gotten our Art Sale for the Art Association picked out and will be on our Student Planner for an event!!! How exciting! So, this upcoming school year should be better advertising already for us compared to last semester. I do like to have an organized handle on things and too often others do are not outspoken enough to make decisions. That is ok!! We have picked out the dates and we also have an Art Show of the Art Association members in the Fall!  I am so excited for this upcoming year and it will, in fact be a very busy one for me. I will be taking like 5 studio classes and one lib ed class. I must have ambition. This is quite the load!! However, I cannot seem to get enough of art making in my life and I love the creative process so I think I will be fine. By the end of the summer I will have a basic outline of plans for the semester for each class to ensure I do not waste time trying to decide what I will create. I am hoping this will provide a smooth semester for me.

I have already been thinking of ideas for my senior show that is attentively going to be Fall semester in 2011. I know this is going to be a lot of work and I do not want to wait until last minute. So I hope I will get a good head start on this.

I will close for now. I have been jabbering your ears off! I just can’t help it! I love art. Oh, and is anyone involved in ATC? Artist Trading Cards? My bookmaking professor has mentioned these and we will be exchanging within class but I was wondering what everyone’s take on them are and if anyone knew how to get involved with an exchange!? I am thinking these will be quite fun!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I must get off now and go finish sewing my wallets!!! Then I have to drop them off! I will post some pictures when I am finished.

Love and Peace friendships!!!!
Shanna Mae