Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! It is a day to remember all of our soldiers, veterans and our fallen soldiers. We need to take the time to give thanks for them who have fought for our freedom. Usually, I spend it with my family but have a lot to do back at our place! However, I have a lot to do before I start working again on Tuesday! So, what are you up to today!?

The drive back last night was fun! It was a two hour drive but it was a good one. I had a storm brewing to the left of me and then sunny to the right. My daughter and I laughed and danced to music and sang at the top of our lungs until she FINALLY fell asleep. She was pretty tired!

So,  I have been wanting to start my own web page and I do know that it is possible to purchase your blog for your web site. Does anyone have any helpful links on what I need to do to get a host/domain name? Where is it affordable? Or any that you are most happy with? I would appreciate any and all advice I am able to get!  I’ve been wanting to build my own web site for a really long time but I am not always sure what to look for?

I am also in the process of putting together a list of blogs that I enjoy reading and that are full of helpful tutorials and such. So, that should be coming soon.

Yesterday, I worked on that set of corn toss boards from like 10 am until 5:30 pm before I called it quits. I did not even get real far other than most of the background painted and ready for the foreground images. Time just flies when I am making art. I forget to eat. I just get lost in that creative process. It is so therapeutic for me. With all I have gone through these last five years; it has most definitely been the most beneficial and productive for me.  I love it!


*do laundry
*clean & organize Halle’s room
*get things together for rummage
*take out the trash
*clean & organize my room
*make a permanent home for my fabric
*spend time with Halle
*clean bathroom

Oh goodness, the list probably will go on and on! I just need to clean our apartment from start to finish! Things never fully got organized or put away since I moved in to these apartments at the most intense time in school. I need to gather things for the rummage too in a couple of weeks!

I told my friend Christina I will have to have her help with some organizing techniques. She is a organized artist. I have a terrible time being organized and staying on top of things. I hope I can find someone to help teach me some organizational skills!

I found a very helpful link for Minnesota artists! I am not sure if it includes some of the surrounding states or not but I will put that up here!! http://www.springboardforthearts.org/ I have posted this on my facebook for my fellow friend artists and would like to share with the rest! I hope you find it of some help!  It is such a resourceful site! If anyone finds anything that is very helpful, please send this way! I have been wanting to write a grant through the Region 2 Arts Council but I always miss the deadlines. I will probably have to head down to the Bemidji Community Center for the Arts and sign up on their mailing list in person. Just so I get it right away and can work on writing a grant! I would like to write one for a press bed for lithography possibly or a studio space of some sort or even a surger sewing machine and more designer fabric!  Oh, I am such an addict for art!

Well, I have kind of been rambling this morning and I really need to start my day for now! I hope to post later tonight and if not tonight by Wednesday! After I have finished the set of baggo boards! I work Tuesday night and have an appointment during the day! Then sew, sew, sew the rest of the week and I still have to write an artist bio for Christina!

Now, I just need to make myself some coffee and get to work.

So, I will close for now! I hope everyone has an amazing Memorial Day weekend and thank you for all of the soldiers, veterans, and fallen soldiers for making my freedom possible.

Speaking of Memorial Day. I want to just share something about one of my good friends. He is very inspiring! Please take the time to check him out! http://www.philcosfreedomteam.net/ He runs in honor of his best friend who didn’t come back home after his Iraq tour. He runs carrying the flag! His story is very inspiring and I encourage you to take the time to check it out!

Love and Peace friendships!

Shanna Mae