Starting Over

I will definitely be doing this writing challenge!! Starting this week!! Starting over.

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For some of us, blogging is personal. Others are trying to educate or entertain; many more are hybrids. Yet we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges help you to push your writing boundaries, show off your blogging chops, and, hopefully, spark more post ideas.

To participate, tag your post with DPchallenge or leave a link to it in the comments. (It would also be great if you could link to this post to encourage people to take part – the more the merrier!)  Your post should be specifically written in response to this challenge. We’ll keep an eye on the tag and highlight some of our favorite posts on Freshly Pressed on Friday.

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Breath taking!


One of my most favorite photos/memories of 2012! A day of the North Shore on Lake Superior! I cannot wait to go back and spend more time on the shore in the spring time! It’s so humbling and refreshing to the soul!

I really think I am meant to be a traveler/wanderer/explorer of this world. It’s my job to be inspired by this! It fuels my creativity.

Winter time is such a tough time of year because I get such cabin fever being inside and can’t be outside really because I am a HUGE freeze baby. I hate being cold. I need to start sucking it up because it is ice skating time and My daughter is aching to go. Maybe this weekend! She would enjoy it and maybe I could dream of being a skater again like I did when I was a kid.

And on a different note— an inspirational note— if you have Netflix; search the movie title, “The Letter Writer”. It’s an awesome movie!

Until next time, Peace!
Shanna Mae Olsen


Quote of the month


I may be an artist….


A friend of mine always has others in mind and found this on She said this made her think of me an how true this is. She is great! I had to share it! Hope it is enjoyed as much as I enjoy it!

I’m Possible!!!


Be Kind.