2011 Closing the door.

Here I sit, still awake. I have been racking my brain these last few weeks in knowing that 2011 would be coming to a close. I have been quite restless and caught up in how I will close the door on 2011. I am just really not quite sure what to think about this past year. Firstly because most of it seems to be a blur and the other is because it was probably one of the most difficult years I have yet endured. It was a year of chaos, excitement, confusion, sadness, pain, exhaustion, happiness, etc. It was just like any other year previous. All present challenges and experience, some happy and some difficult. I am not one to do things the easy way anyways but I would like to just once maybe figure out how to simplify and slow down my life.

It wasn’t too long ago when I had a clear view of what I wanted to do after school and where I wanted to be in life. Those things now are not so clear anymore. I have been one to be very grateful and appreciative, always learn something from each good and bad experience in life; but this year was a very different year. It was almost a humbling experience. An eye opener in many areas of life’s spectrum. I don’t even know where to begin or what to say about it even. However–I did manage to survive it and last time I checked I was still breathing.

I want to just share some of the things that 2011 taught me.

1.) COMMUNICATION: is by far one of THE MOST IMPORTANT tools in life. With out communication— things get mistranslated, misunderstood, and a lot of times doesn’t even make it to whom it should because of being too busy to even slow down to take the time to communicate. I have learned that communication is right next to honesty and trust in the foundation to a relationship of any sort. Friendship, Romantic, Business, Educational, etc. With no communication things fall apart. Important people fade away. Plans fall through. & there you are left full of disappointment.

2.)YOU’RE NOT SUPERWOMAN: Just because you were able to run nonstop 8 years ago and prior to a child; working a couple of full-time jobs and attending school full-time; DOES NOT MEAN that you can continue that for 8 years to follow along with raising a child, obtaining your education, trying to keep employers happy, and so on…. I am not superwoman and I need to accept that I am no longer as young as I once was. Everyone needs to take time to rest from time to time. Stop telling yourself you don’t have time and MAKE TIME.

3.)TIME: Time is precious. It is something you can get back once it has passed. We cannot rewind to a past moment to relive that time. BE HERE NOW. SAY HOW YOU FEEL TO THE ONES YOU CARE ABOUT. DANCE. SING. PLAY. LAUGH. LOVE. (even if it brings pain) A quote I read this year says; “CHERISH EVERY MEMORY; LOVE EVERY MOMENT; EMBRACE EVERY POSSIBILITY.” “IMAGINE YOUR DREAM; CREATE YOUR HAPPINESS; LIVE YOUR LIFE.”

4.)HAPPINESS: I share with you the following quote because I strongly believe our attitudes we have a big play in self happiness or happiness in life.

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.- Groucho Max

5.)GROWTH: I had done some researching this past year on various things pertaining to one self; their happiness, in how we deal with pain, how we grow, and how it affects our soul, etc. If you haven’t heard of Ivan Randos—- I suggest you add him to your to-read list.


Discomfort is part of growth and is only a negative if we resist from it. Yes, it may be painful to grow, to take a risk and jump into the unknown, but it’s worth it. Growth is the reason our consciousness chose to be born in this life and to participate in our particular set of experiences.

The discomfort that comes with growth is temporary if we are open to the lesson and willing to move forward without holding back or getting stuck in the discomfort.

Every growth experience moves into the unknown, the indefinable. It doesn’t matter whether we grew yesterday. Neither can we afford to wait until tomorrow to grow more. Growth happens as a consequence of the flow of understanding in the present moment. Only through understanding can we accept it. Only through accepting it does the understanding become part of our being.

There is never a time to run from the present moment, even if staying entails suffering. If we run from suffering, we just create another, perhaps greater experience of suffering down the road. When we accept suffering in full awareness, displaying curiosity concerning the lesson of the moment, we become the master of our reality.
It’s not possible to grow by trying. Instead, we grow when we engage in a harmonious cooperation with nature. Growth happens through surrender to what is, without conditions, attachments, expectations, or hesitation. We simply respond in the ways life asks of us.

Difficult moments happen, but when we encounter them without resistance and with awareness, we see that they have contributed to our growth. Those who avoid the pain of growth avoid their own evolution and remain immature.
We can only become a fully actualized human being by becoming proactive in our growth, responsible for our growth, which indicates our trust in the unknown. This moment right now is the unknown, and this is where our responsibility needs to be focused. By saying “yes” to the now, the image we have of ourselves in our mind evaporates and we come into our real self, the One Self that is infinite consciousness.
Only in the now do we grow, becoming who we really are.

-Ivan Rados


I have many more things I would love to share but will have to wait until another time. Maybe in a couple of days. I must get the little one ready for school.

Love to all!


Embrace Life For All It Is

We have all experienced pain at times and we have all harbored that pain in a sacred place. Putting it away.. deep, deep, deep inside of us in a dark corner of our souls. We have held on to those things and are often reminded of them by song, certain atmospheres and various scenes, smells or sounds. Some never deal with these things and others find creative outlets to release or pour their pain or even joy into these creations they have constructed out of nothing. Allowing them the sense of letting go.

Tonight, I was so tired I couldn’t stay up through a movie and then as soon as I laid to rest for the night I couldn’t sleep. Thoughts started racing through my head and ideas started coming to me. So many things I wish to share and I am trying to remind myself that I have a life time to share them. I do not have to cram it all into this one show.

I have a house of great company and instead of waking them up by my inability to sleep I started our campfire again and now here I sit…. working on a part of my senior show by campfire light. It is quite whimsical and magical all at the same time. The crackling of the flames coming off the burning wood and the nice taste of a cold beverage. The stars illuminating the sky and just the joy of embracing the nature I am surrounded by. I didn’t get up to ramble but to try and catch my thoughts so they do not slip away before I wake.

Over the last couple of years I have done great research on various things and one being the soul. I have researched behavior and studied behaviors of others. I have delved deeply into psychology, spirituality and the pure existence of life, of nature, of us. A lot of what is rooted deep in my soul are memories, nightmares, and pain. And often I try and step outside of myself to observe the feelings I have felt and tried to figure out ways of expressing these experiences I have had. This is hard from time to time and others it seems to go smoothly when I am able to utilize symbolism into my pieces. So far it has always been nature and the nature of things or the life processes of nature; that I have referred too.

I have realized that of many things in life that we are in constant search of who we are. An identity. A place where we belong. Thinking there is this one certain place for us. That things will better if we go some where else. Life is interesting. The things I have learned through out my time thus far is that we are human beings, bound to make mistakes. But if we are able to find that peace within ourselves we must firstly, forgive ourselves and ask God to help us find forgiveness within in order to proceed to the next part of our journey. If we are still in pain we must then forgive those who have caused us pain. Then we must start again. Begin again. Once we have achieved those things, life will start to fall in place.

Everyone of us has a purpose in life. To some it is more apparent and others it hasn’t been presented yet or they just haven’t listened close enough. We must quiet ourselves inside to listen. Be mindful of where we are and who we are. We must listen to what is inside and what it is telling us.

This thing called life is one ride. Embrace all of it. The pain. The joy. The heartache and sadness. The happiness. There is so much to be grateful for in life. But we seem to forget. We can choose to look negative upon our situations…. or we can choose to find light and positive outlooks upon our situations. We are ultimately the holder of that place.

For now, I am going to go. I have some things to work on and get out before I forget.

Peace and love be with all of my dear friendships.

Shanna Mae

Sometimes We Forget To Begin.

When I was a small child I had dreams of being a singer, a writer, an artist, a figure skater, a gymnast, a mother and an explorer. Through out childhood I invented things, collected things, and created things. I would run and jump and laugh and play. Spending hours on the beach picking rocks with my grandma. Collecting unique agates, fossil rocks, shells, pieces of wood and shore tumbled glass. Wandering up the big rock, picking blueberries. Driving around in that old blue tin car. Building houses out of the freshly cut green grass. Digging through the junk yards, looking for unique old junk that became treasures. Listening to my grandma sing to the birds and listening to that thing that would sing when you walked passed the hutch in the kitchen. Listening to Bible stories while spending the night at her house. Putting on plays with the neighbor kids and writing stories and illustrating creativity.

Life was simple. Innocent. Free.

As I grew older I kept sketchbooks upon sketchbooks, journals upon journals and notebooks filled of doodles over notes from classes. I would day dream in class on what I wanted to be when I grew up. Even though being artistic and creative was who I was inside and the only thing that made me feel whole; it felt far fetched, impossible and unrealistic to live a financially stable life. I didn’t want to do anything else so 1st career choice: Full-time Waitress/Bartender. A year after graduating I decided I needed to have an education and although I had been discouraged from being an artist I started with general studies, which then through out the last ten years have gone from the typical AAS degree, to a a AA in Visual Arts, to a Business Office Certificate, to a Business degree, to a Medical Assistant degree, to a Graphic Design degree to finally a BFA in Studio Art with a goal of becoming an Art Therapist some day. The time came in life when I had never felt so low in life, so unfulfilled, so incomplete, so far from myself. Once I divulged into my creativity I quickly started to feel complete and life started to have meaning outside of being a mother. Things became so clear and started making sense in my mind.

Now over the past two years I am nearing the end of my educational requirements for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. It is about damn time; it only took me 10 years. The last two years…… I look back and feel a wide variety of emotions. I felt every kind of feeling and emotion a person could feel. Physically and mentally. Exhaustion. Pain. Happiness. Sadness. Fear. Anxiety. Joy. and on and on and on. Today, I sit here working towards my last HUGE semester despite the one requirement next semester and I feel BLAH! I for the first time since I followed my heart have questioned my purpose, my journey, my intentions, and heart. Why am I doing this? Why am I an artist? What am I supposed to do next?

I have felt stuck, unmotivated and uninspired. I have felt scared??? It is a sure possibility. But of what? A year ago I had my Senior Exhibit all planned out and the exact purpose and meaning behind it. Now all I can do is go into this deep panic attack with a sudden feeling of suffocating. I question myself as to why? I have never felt more happiness and joy inside or even love for myself. This path has helped me grow immensely and change me in ways I never imagined and allowed me to feel things I never knew I could feel. I have attempted to analyze my thoughts and behaviors through out the last 7 years of my life, along with all the actions. I have started to come to the realization that maybe…. just maybe… I am afraid of succeeding or completing something. I start them and then don’t want to finish because it brings you to the next thing. The next journey in life and right now I have no idea what that journey is at the moment because of the last year of nonstop running my body and health into the ground to complete those 47 credits, put in the 20 hours of work in 2 days and be a full time mom—being there for her EVERY morning, EVERY day, EVERY night. Plus serving on committees and helping others and the million other tasks I took on. I am not complaining about any of this and most definitely not about being a mom. My daughter is the main reason I work myself so hard. But things have become to complex and overwhelming and I still haven’t slowed down. I just want to find peace inside and be able to sit and just be. So I lost my goal following school and have had to resort to dealing with life one day at a time and not making any big plans after this.

I guess my point is a long time ago I had a million dreams. But some always more prominent than others and that was being an artist and a mother. Here I am; an Artist and a Mother. And now I am scared to allow myself to succeed. I know I can make it and know I have what it takes. So why do I stall and why do I allow things to cripple my creativity? Why am I so afraid of sharing art that represents such painful memories? Afraid of feeling naked. Ahhhh, life. Some days you suck.

Here’s to creating. Here’s to sharing. Here’s to showing what you have taught me. Here’s to stripping me of my energy.

Sometimes we forget where to begin and forget to begin at that. We lose focus. We lose energy. Sometimes we wish we could do it all over again as well. But we do not have that option. Sometimes we constantly search for solidarity and answers to questions we have and suddenly realize that maybe we have the answers already right there in front of us. Yet those answers and research bring us to more deeper rooted Things that were more the core root and the original research was only what put the icing on the cake.

Senior Show update:
October 31-November 22.
Opening reception to be announced.
Mark your calendars.

If you do not hear from me in the next two months; do not be alarmed. I am still alive but living, breathing and consuming art, emotions, feelings, and life.


Life. Or something like it.

Tonight, I wander here and there. Pacing back and forth. Fighting the urge to light up a cigarette. Sickened to my stomach and feeling a tad lost in thoughts and feelings. These are the things I like to avoid; feelings. Yet I am so full of feelings and emotions. To explain to someone what you mean with out coming off as “pushy” but just to ask for a little more communication to feel as if they care just a little bit. Never would I have thought things would be this way. But I am full of those moments in life that blind side you on some afternoon. I try to tell myself it will only sting for a little bit and it will go away eventually. But how many moments in life can one have like that. To feel a sense of belonging to someone or somewhere.To feel that sense of caring or maybe even comforting of another.

When I encounter moments like this I have this flash of being pushed or stabbed as I try and bounce back all in slow motion. This feeling, the one that you just swallow and smile anyways. Because it feels easier that way. But really it just hurts more. I would be really concerned if I didn’t know how to feel as I am when I meet others or cross paths with others who have no sense of feelings in the world and can be just plain cruel and rude with no consideration for any one else.

I still stand by the unknown truths of love and what it really is. Does anyone really know? Other than the unconditional love for your family and those friends you would do anything for?

Things have been nothing less of a chaotic roller coaster and to try and survive that roller coaster with out tossing your cookies kind of seems to be getting a little more difficult. At least today feels this way and then tomorrow I will feel like the strongest person I know. Holding my head high, letting nothing discourage me, or taint my view of a happy little hippie life of laughter and love. I need not to be worrying about these small things. I need to worry about the upcoming academic school year and then where the wind will take my sails after I have finished.

I have learned my lesson this past year of what an obsession with being busy does to your body and your over all health and I can darn well guarantee that I do not want to experience anything like that again. I still have not fully recovered. However, as always I will be just fine.

If it weren’t for my lovely munchkin or my amazing family or my faith; I am not so sure where I would be. I may have already checked myself in for peace of mind. My family has given me undying support and love. They have encouraged me and shown me right from wrong. They along with my munchkin and my faith have given me strength to continue on and pursue large crazy goals and be determined enough to achieve them. I should not forget the few friends who have also done the same and I thank those who warned me and attempted to discourage me from those crazy goals I had for myself because it was a large part of what kept me determined. If I am told I cannot do something; I will do it just to prove I am capable.

I have lost my writing skills. Those words that seem like music or paint a picture right before your eyes. Those ones that reach deep into the back part of your brain and dig up all of those little thoughts you forgot you had until you stopped to admire your surroundings. I miss writing and have been slacking on this blog I started. There may be a few reasons for all of that. It could be the million thoughts that are running rampant in this mind of mine or it could be the feeling of bearing too much. It could also be the fact that I still haven’t remembered or learned how to slow down yet and I do not allow myself time for me enough. It seems that the more artistic I have allowed myself to become I have lost all words. I am not sure I am ok with this. There has to be a happy medium. Usually going back over old posts or writings helps sort through words and make sense of a lot of things that run through my mind. However, when I went back to review my blog posts on my myspace profile; they were gone. I was quite upset. Myspace deleted them.

I have also been quite upset that my landlord had gone into the storage unit and took all the wood panels I had been collecting for the last year. First and foremost he is supposed to contact me before entering. Secondly, he had already removed his tools and my wood was leaning against my stuff I had stacked when I first moved in. I am disheartened. He said he would return it and find me new stuff to replace the stuff he had already cut up. This was OVER a WEEK AGO! These I had saved as I found or were given to me for art. I respect my landlord as it is expected and me as a tenant deserves the same respect in return. To not answer calls or return messages. Really? Disrespectful. I feel quite violated. He will no longer have a key for my unit as he requested for in case of emergencies.

The upsetting doesn’t stop there either. I then am driving downtown to find that my BIRD, “WEATHERED” had been sat on and was bent in the hind legs and was leaning way too far forward as well as to the right some. I just don’t understand people and their disrespect for others.

Apparently, all things in life require strict instructions in LARGE PRINT. I guess people have to be treated like children and told everything in quite clear words. This is ridiculous. I would really like my wood to be brought back and I would also really like to see pictures surface of whoever sat on my bird so I could just explain why I was disheartened.

BLAH. Life, or something like it. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring. -lorrin l. lee

Another semester has come and gone faster than I was able to breathe, stop and blink, or even enjoy a moment of it. 20 credits now complete; but left with a sense of melancholy bittersweet feeling. The past 3-5 years of my life have become a blur. I know the message I would like to give the world; but I feel as if I have worked against myself in relaying this message. I have realized I am obsessive compulsive about staying busy. It allows me to keep my mind from growing weary and blue and dwelling on sad moments. The constant chaos that has become a storm in my mind has left me with a final realization on just how much I want life to slow down. I have lived in fast forward for far too long. Trying to make up for lost time when I went off track, changed my mind on career paths…. moved, got set back financially….. … I over indulged in school to try and shave off the extra semester. In return; I over worked my body, became ill (more than once)…. and completely ran myself into the ground. I ask; what is my message in life to the world? Work until you fall apart? If I were to look back over the past year— it would be most evident that is what I was saying. However, that is not my message in life to the world.

I want my message in life to be along these lines:

1.Enjoy each moment in life. Embrace the messes, the unfortunate blessings. It is what makes us who we are in the end.

2.Smile each day. Look in the mirror and admire the person you are and how far you have come.

3.Spend less time on trying to fix everything in the world and fix yourself.

4.Do your best to be a very kind, loving, appreciative person to each and everyone–no matter their demeanor.

5.Look around you–Take a picture in your mind of the beauty of nature. Enjoy it. Get lost in it.

6.Do not over schedule your self. Life is far too short to take away from your health, your family, and the ones important to you. Nothing is worth the risk of those things.

7. Embrace pain and find the beauty within the disaster.

8. Trust few people. Many will fool you.

9. Laugh often.

10. Start a bucket list and get to work on crossing those things off.

I have a lot to say. Much of it feels trapped inside. This year has been long, chaotic, dreary at times, and extremely difficult. I made sure to test on how hard I could push myself. I am proud of my accomplishments, but disappointed that I don’t remember enjoying it much because I was always too buried in school work. My message in life for this year is: Slow down. Embrace life. Smile lots. Laugh often.

I have been accused in life of being selfish and for walking out on things for obtaining a degree in something that makes me happy. And because it makes me happy I am “doing what I want”. I apologize to everyone who feels this way or is made to feel this way by another. I choose happiness over money. I will not settle and be unhappy every day I wake up and go to work—- I am going to die being happy by doing what I love. This is not selfishness. Life is too short to be miserable and we are the ultimate holders of our own happiness. I just choose to do something about it. I choose a career that I will enjoy in payment for Happiness.

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.

By : Groucho Marx

The ending of this academic year is bittersweet. I am not looking forward to returning in the fall much. However, I am so close to completing my degree. When this is all over and done; I hope you are all ready for one big party because we will be celebrating.

Summer feels as if it has already been scheduled for me. This is not ok. I am working on slowing down and breaking the habit of being too busy. I want to remember something.

Congratulations to all my fellow colleagues of BSU! You will be missed in the fall! The Art Department will surely NOT BE THE SAME! 😦

Love and Peace Friendships!

Shanna Mae.

The only things constant in life; is Change.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!! Also a very Happy Birthday Jesus! What a great Christmas holiday with all of my family. It was wonderful to be able to spend time creating more memories with all of my family. I got to see a lot of family this weekend.

I’ve been blessed with amazing family and friends. Regardless of being sick; I have made the most of every moment I was given. I have also been doing a lot of reflecting on life over the weekend and preparing for an art show at Bad Cat. I have a lot going on in my mind right now and my focus isn’t doing much for me at the moment. I have been working through out the holiday as well. I just find myself more frustrated than anything.

So many things to do. So many things to figure out about life. So many things going on. I question myself as to when I will stop doing this to myself. I seem to find myself doing a lot of things and then the chances I have to really take a break and focus on my own things; on my own time with out being rushed or pressing time–I seem to forget the opportunity for a real “break” from the outside world. I think I have been running myself for too long that I have neglected my own health and I have worn myself out more than I have known until now.

I function way better under pressure and when I have a lot to do (ie; juggling school, work, child, business). I don’t quite understand. Maybe because my brain doesn’t have time to wonder, rather than to keep going and move on the the next goal.

Every year at this time; I like to reflect on the past year to revisit the various things I have had the chance to experience, lessons learned, the good, the bad, happy and sad, etc. This past year was very eventful. Some things I hold locked within my heart; and probably will never be shared.

The year 2010 created many memories. It had its share of pain and sorrow. An over worked mind and body. A beaten down into the ground body and mind. A shattered soul. A teathered heart. A journey down a road less traveled. One full of excitement and fear for unknown. Don’t get me wrong; there was also many moments of laughter and joy and an abundance of memories created! This year taught me a lot of things. It has shown me things and helped me grow. For everything and part of 2010; I am thankful and blessed to have had the chance to experience.

I have had a difficult time lately. Sorting thoughts. Feeling complete; in a sense. Life has been crazy. For everyone.  And alls I can say is; Thank you Lord, for all of the friends and family you’ve blessed me with because I am not so sure I would have been able to get to this point if I did not have them and if it weren’t for you. Happy Birthday!

I really need to get some sleep now. I have much more to post and probably need to start writing things on paper so I can stop forgetting them as soon as I sit down to write a post. Anyways; tonight’s post was mainly to wish all of my dear friendships a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am off to sleepy time land.

Good night.

Love & Peace.
Shanna Mae

5 days until Christmas

Wow, where has all of the time gone? Life has decided to just fly. It is unbelievable.

I have been extremely busy with school and Halle. We were blessed with a few bumps in the road. I say blessed because I do not think of them as negative bumps. I think of everything as a blessing. Because I was blessed to have been able to experience these various bumps and in return they have strengthened me as a person, my soul, as a mother, as a student, as a creative entrepreneur, artist, and even an employee. My limits for my body, mind, and soul have been pushed and pulled to the extremes this past year. I am excited to smile at the strides I have made in life as a mother, daughter, and person. Every time I try to explain this to another– I find myself at a loss for the right words. What I have experienced has left me speechless. There were times I felt I couldn’t go on. There were times I felt paralyzed and vulnerable. There were times I felt helpless. But there were also those times that I felt God carry me through those rough times and I thank Him every day for the ways He has worked through me and for all He has blessed me with (good and bad).

I have accomplished a lot of goals this year. I have also had some left unaccomplished. I am slightly disappointed at some points but when I reflect back on the last 4 months I have experienced; I am at ease and peace knowing how much I did do and accomplish. I wish I had more time to dedicate to my health and well being these past four months. However; I have already started my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions. I will share those closer to the New Year.

I have manifested in the Christmas spirit and have decorated in the very little time I have had. I have fulfilled my daughters wish list (most of what I could). I have listened to all of the Christmas Specials while doing homework and working myself into the ground. I have started hand made gifts for my family and have just under 5 days to complete all of my stuff. Even though, this time has past by so fast– I have still enjoyed it. The very little I have had to enjoy it.

I am so excited for Christmas! I cannot wait to see my daughters face when she opens all of her gifts and when she wakes up to her stocking from “Santa”. But I am also excited to CELEBRATE! Jesus is the reason for the Season! Most of us fail to remember this and it crushes my heart. But to each it’s own. I hold nothing against any one and I have love for every one. However; that won’t stop me from remembering and Celebrating. I am going to laugh, and cry, and smile, and pray, and think back on this year, and enjoy all of the memories I have created and are blessed to have this holiday season. This year has been beautiful. Despite the stress, the pain, the hurt, the worry, the illnesses, and medical conditions we have been blessed with. This year has been beautiful. You ask why? I tell you this is why. … because I have survived the storm. I have completed a semester of 18 credits. I have survived and grown as a mother on my own. Because, Because, BECAUSE–of my amazing family and friends and God. The continuous support I have received and continue to received and for all that never gave up on me this semester. For those who believed in me. For those who helped me to see who I am, who have pushed me harder, who have never failed to love me at my worst.  I am blessed and thankful and grateful for everything in my life!

I remember a year ago this time. It was a very tough time. I was a VERY different person. I was crushed, and torn, and I was nothing. I had no self worth, no self confidence, no nothing. But I didn’t give up. I pushed harder. P.U.S.H.- Pray.Until.Something.Happens and even after do so.  And never forget to Thank Him. Always listen.

I want to write a book about the things I have experienced and the feelings I have felt from the past 26 years. I hope some day– those words will flow out.

I have been so blessed. I am blessed. I love all of you who have stood by me. Who have understood me; even when I made no sense. Who have never stopped pushing me. To all of you; Thank you!

One goal I have created: To stay on top of this Blog.

Happy Holidays to all of my dear Friendships! I hope you all have a blessed and happy holiday cheer with your families.

Love and Peace, Friendships!


Shanna Mae

PS. First Friday January 7, 2011

Featured Artist at Bad Cat Creations from 4pm-6pm.

Come mingle!