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2011 Closing the door.

Here I sit, still awake. I have been racking my brain these last few weeks in knowing that 2011 would be coming to a close. I have been quite restless and caught up in how I will close the door on 2011. I am just really not quite sure what to think about this past year. Firstly because most of it seems to be a blur and the other is because it was probably one of the most difficult years I have yet endured. It was a year of chaos, excitement, confusion, sadness, pain, exhaustion, happiness, etc. It was just like any other year previous. All present challenges and experience, some happy and some difficult. I am not one to do things the easy way anyways but I would like to just once maybe figure out how to simplify and slow down my life.

It wasn’t too long ago when I had a clear view of what I wanted to do after school and where I wanted to be in life. Those things now are not so clear anymore. I have been one to be very grateful and appreciative, always learn something from each good and bad experience in life; but this year was a very different year. It was almost a humbling experience. An eye opener in many areas of life’s spectrum. I don’t even know where to begin or what to say about it even. However–I did manage to survive it and last time I checked I was still breathing.

I want to just share some of the things that 2011 taught me.

1.) COMMUNICATION: is by far one of THE MOST IMPORTANT tools in life. With out communication— things get mistranslated, misunderstood, and a lot of times doesn’t even make it to whom it should because of being too busy to even slow down to take the time to communicate. I have learned that communication is right next to honesty and trust in the foundation to a relationship of any sort. Friendship, Romantic, Business, Educational, etc. With no communication things fall apart. Important people fade away. Plans fall through. & there you are left full of disappointment.

2.)YOU’RE NOT SUPERWOMAN: Just because you were able to run nonstop 8 years ago and prior to a child; working a couple of full-time jobs and attending school full-time; DOES NOT MEAN that you can continue that for 8 years to follow along with raising a child, obtaining your education, trying to keep employers happy, and so on…. I am not superwoman and I need to accept that I am no longer as young as I once was. Everyone needs to take time to rest from time to time. Stop telling yourself you don’t have time and MAKE TIME.

3.)TIME: Time is precious. It is something you can get back once it has passed. We cannot rewind to a past moment to relive that time. BE HERE NOW. SAY HOW YOU FEEL TO THE ONES YOU CARE ABOUT. DANCE. SING. PLAY. LAUGH. LOVE. (even if it brings pain) A quote I read this year says; “CHERISH EVERY MEMORY; LOVE EVERY MOMENT; EMBRACE EVERY POSSIBILITY.” “IMAGINE YOUR DREAM; CREATE YOUR HAPPINESS; LIVE YOUR LIFE.”

4.)HAPPINESS: I share with you the following quote because I strongly believe our attitudes we have a big play in self happiness or happiness in life.

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.- Groucho Max

5.)GROWTH: I had done some researching this past year on various things pertaining to one self; their happiness, in how we deal with pain, how we grow, and how it affects our soul, etc. If you haven’t heard of Ivan Randos—- I suggest you add him to your to-read list.


Discomfort is part of growth and is only a negative if we resist from it. Yes, it may be painful to grow, to take a risk and jump into the unknown, but it’s worth it. Growth is the reason our consciousness chose to be born in this life and to participate in our particular set of experiences.

The discomfort that comes with growth is temporary if we are open to the lesson and willing to move forward without holding back or getting stuck in the discomfort.

Every growth experience moves into the unknown, the indefinable. It doesn’t matter whether we grew yesterday. Neither can we afford to wait until tomorrow to grow more. Growth happens as a consequence of the flow of understanding in the present moment. Only through understanding can we accept it. Only through accepting it does the understanding become part of our being.

There is never a time to run from the present moment, even if staying entails suffering. If we run from suffering, we just create another, perhaps greater experience of suffering down the road. When we accept suffering in full awareness, displaying curiosity concerning the lesson of the moment, we become the master of our reality.
It’s not possible to grow by trying. Instead, we grow when we engage in a harmonious cooperation with nature. Growth happens through surrender to what is, without conditions, attachments, expectations, or hesitation. We simply respond in the ways life asks of us.

Difficult moments happen, but when we encounter them without resistance and with awareness, we see that they have contributed to our growth. Those who avoid the pain of growth avoid their own evolution and remain immature.
We can only become a fully actualized human being by becoming proactive in our growth, responsible for our growth, which indicates our trust in the unknown. This moment right now is the unknown, and this is where our responsibility needs to be focused. By saying “yes” to the now, the image we have of ourselves in our mind evaporates and we come into our real self, the One Self that is infinite consciousness.
Only in the now do we grow, becoming who we really are.

-Ivan Rados

I have many more things I would love to share but will have to wait until another time. Maybe in a couple of days. I must get the little one ready for school.

Love to all!