Embrace Life For All It Is

We have all experienced pain at times and we have all harbored that pain in a sacred place. Putting it away.. deep, deep, deep inside of us in a dark corner of our souls. We have held on to those things and are often reminded of them by song, certain atmospheres and various scenes, smells or sounds. Some never deal with these things and others find creative outlets to release or pour their pain or even joy into these creations they have constructed out of nothing. Allowing them the sense of letting go.

Tonight, I was so tired I couldn’t stay up through a movie and then as soon as I laid to rest for the night I couldn’t sleep. Thoughts started racing through my head and ideas started coming to me. So many things I wish to share and I am trying to remind myself that I have a life time to share them. I do not have to cram it all into this one show.

I have a house of great company and instead of waking them up by my inability to sleep I started our campfire again and now here I sit…. working on a part of my senior show by campfire light. It is quite whimsical and magical all at the same time. The crackling of the flames coming off the burning wood and the nice taste of a cold beverage. The stars illuminating the sky and just the joy of embracing the nature I am surrounded by. I didn’t get up to ramble but to try and catch my thoughts so they do not slip away before I wake.

Over the last couple of years I have done great research on various things and one being the soul. I have researched behavior and studied behaviors of others. I have delved deeply into psychology, spirituality and the pure existence of life, of nature, of us. A lot of what is rooted deep in my soul are memories, nightmares, and pain. And often I try and step outside of myself to observe the feelings I have felt and tried to figure out ways of expressing these experiences I have had. This is hard from time to time and others it seems to go smoothly when I am able to utilize symbolism into my pieces. So far it has always been nature and the nature of things or the life processes of nature; that I have referred too.

I have realized that of many things in life that we are in constant search of who we are. An identity. A place where we belong. Thinking there is this one certain place for us. That things will better if we go some where else. Life is interesting. The things I have learned through out my time thus far is that we are human beings, bound to make mistakes. But if we are able to find that peace within ourselves we must firstly, forgive ourselves and ask God to help us find forgiveness within in order to proceed to the next part of our journey. If we are still in pain we must then forgive those who have caused us pain. Then we must start again. Begin again. Once we have achieved those things, life will start to fall in place.

Everyone of us has a purpose in life. To some it is more apparent and others it hasn’t been presented yet or they just haven’t listened close enough. We must quiet ourselves inside to listen. Be mindful of where we are and who we are. We must listen to what is inside and what it is telling us.

This thing called life is one ride. Embrace all of it. The pain. The joy. The heartache and sadness. The happiness. There is so much to be grateful for in life. But we seem to forget. We can choose to look negative upon our situations…. or we can choose to find light and positive outlooks upon our situations. We are ultimately the holder of that place.

For now, I am going to go. I have some things to work on and get out before I forget.

Peace and love be with all of my dear friendships.

Shanna Mae


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. al b.
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 22:17:43

    Peace, Al B.


    • Shanna Mae
      Jan 03, 2013 @ 10:14:17

      Man Alive!! Mr. Belleveau! I haven’t been on my blog in ages! I just got your comment post! That was an amazing song! I have been feeling quite like this lately!! Hope to have an artist gathering soon!? When do we meet again for the Sculpture Walk?


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