Simply Saturday

Today was a very long day. I have been feeling quite under the weather the last few days. I was able to get the strength to mow the lawn at least since my neighbors on each side had mowed theirs. I hope I get some really good rest tonight because tomorrow I have a very long “To-Do” list and a very busy week coming up! I just want to give everyone a heads up on the extremely awesome and exciting event that is coming up. This coming weekend on June 11; Lot6 Art Fair will be going on! Thank’s to the lovely Christina Thorne (owner of Bad Cat Creations) and Melissa Burness for all their hard work on getting this together!
All of the details may be viewed at the link above!
I will be there too! So, this week on top of the last practices, my daughters last week of school, and a couple of other things that have already slipped my mind—- I will be preparing for this upcoming event!!! If you are in the Bemidji Area stop by! We are all so excited to see you!!!!

For now I must get some sleep and try to remember my things to accomplish tomorrow.

Love and Peace.
Shanna Mae


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