I would like to take a moment to share….

I just wanted to share some photos from my show! However!!!! When I went to take photos before I took down my show; one of my plushies had sold and so I will have to dig up the photo from it at a later time and edit the post later!

Hope you all enjoy as much as I did creating it all!

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Now, that I have finally started to kick this influenza to the curb and have some what gotten moved and settled in— I have some custom orders to prepare and get on their way! I am sorry I hadn’t gotten to it a little sooner! Things have been sort of chaotic as of lately!

Wishes for a Happy Thursday to all!

Love & Peace, Friendships!


Shanna Mae


2011 Thus Far.

2011, thus far has already been an amazing year and I think it will continue to be a great year. I had my show opening at Bad Cat Creations in Bemidji, MN on January 7th. Everything before that day for the past 5 months has been absolutely crazy and super busy. However, I got my show up and opening done with and I feel great! I was promising pictures to all and I was such a space case and forgot my camera. I  took some photos with my phone but those are never as good of quality.
Another highlight of 2011 was that I was asked if I wouldn’t mind doing an In Focus feature of my creature plushies! How nerve racking and exciting all at once. I had an awesome reporter who was fun and made me quite comfortable. Thank goodness! 🙂 I was so tired after the interview and my opening that I was sleeping by 9 P.M.  Good thing it is all online and archived.

If you are interested in viewing the interview I am pasting a link directly to it.


I  also had a surprise visitor during my opening! MY MOM! I was so happy when I saw her come in the door. It made my day! I have a lot of amazing family and friends who have shown me a lot of support. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this with out any of you.

Love and peace friendships!

Shanna Mae

PS. This has been stuck in my drafts on my phone for almost a month.