Welcome 2011! I am as ready as ever! For whatever you have in store for me! I will push through. I will persevere.

To start the year off right; I had an awesome horoscope!

This is a year to be bold and to charge forward with creative ideas and big dreams. The past year held a lot of hurdles for you, and a lot of seemingly insurmountable roadblocks. You have persevered as best you could, though, and that really counts for something whether you succeeded at your goals or not. But in 2011, you will have greater assistance in getting where you want to be and expressing your true, radiant personality and character. Look forward today with great enthusiasm and hope – for wonderful things are in store for you.

And that I will; look forward today with great enthusiasm and hope!

I hope that every one was safe tonight and is now sound asleep in bed. Now I sleep for a few hours before going back to work.

God Bless!

Love and Peace dear Friendships! I wish you all the best! A safe and happy new year! And I pray for good health for all!

Shanna Mae.


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