Karma Never Forgets.

Last Saturday, I was at work and got to visit with a few very amazing people. I met someone who’s mom owns a gallery in the Twin Cities and met 2 pilots from I believe North Carolina. They definitely kept me company. I even got to try the BBQ from there. I just ate it plain with out making the BBQ sauce because it was so delicious that way even! I had a day full of artful conversation and it was very nourishing to my soul.

I love when I can go to work and meet real amazing people. There are just a few that you can have an actual conversation with and not feel like you are bugging them all the time. You can feel the appreciation of good service and conversation.

I got to spend last weekend with my family back home. It was something that I needed. It has been too long since I have gotten to relax. I am not sure I even know what the word “relax” means even. I dislike unloading all of my stresses on the very few (meaning couple) of important people in my life. It seems like most of my conversations lately are consumed of stresses. I am just going to start blogging about it. I need to have an outlet and I just don’t feel like being that “person”. So, here I am. Let me fill you in on my schedule.

My days typically start at 5 a.m. If I am lucky I will be up out of bed and coffee brewing by 6 a.m. Lately, my body has been very rebellious in not waking because it is so exhausted. I wake up my daughter, get her breakfast, dressed, and ready for bus. I also make her lunch and get her backpack ready. Then I stand at bus stop with her and wait until she has gotten on the bus. By that time it is just about 8 a.m. and it is now time for me to head to school for my classes. Which I then turn around to work in between classes and finally am able to pick my daughter up by 5:45 p.m. We usually get home by 6:30 p.m. if no running around to do. I then make dinner, bathe her, help her with homework, and get her ready for bed and then to bed. By this time it is 10 p.m. I am pooped by this time. I do not get extra time to turn on my computer before bed or have time for myself. I have quite the load of credits but those are not my main concerns. I am also the President of a student organization and do not have any help. I just cannot physically do it. I have found some helping hands the past couple of days and am very thankful for that. I am hoping this will help to lighten my load and create a more sustainable group. I hope this in return will give me time for me to do MY homework instead of spending EVERY waking moment I am not doing things with my daughter or work or in class that I may focus on my homework while every one else sits back and asks for things.

I am wore out. I just do not understand people. My issue I am having is not understanding why people do not like to be mistreated and yet they turn around and treat you how they were treated. I can deal with out snarky catty ass attitude. My life is far too short and I will not be a punching bag for you or any one else. I do not care about only myself or I wouldn’t be doing the things I am doing now. It is just so frustrating. I have been doing everything in my power to not let things get to me but when you are given more and more “to-do’s” on top of the life I already have it is a tad frustrating when you watch the other person just hang around. I want to enjoy school. I don’t want to dread it.

I am just so lost in where things changed or went wrong. I cannot wrap my head around how people change or how they think they are so much better than every one else. I am just purely frustrated. All I have to say is Karma never forgets. But I will not sit back and be your punching bag or your mule. Find your own.

Tip of the Day:
Never let any of your accomplishments get to your head. It is good to be excited and proud. But REMAIN HUMBLE. I pray that I will always keep my humbleness. I pity those who have lost that and have become arrogant for their own good.

On a brighter note; I have my own business too. So, I have been failing my mission for ETSY BOOT CAMP. 😦 Bummer, that all these other things have been weighing me down.  However, I have still been working in the few minutes here and there I get. I have 15 wallets in the making. I am excited to finish them up. My goal is to finish them by tomorrow night. I am going to have to work VERY HARD but I am going to attempt it. Hopefully I am not too late. If so, I guess I will live with it because I have so much going on right now. I am one person– not 100. I can only do so much. I have to learn to remind myself not to put up with things that are not worth it and to stay focused  on priorities in order of importance. Others have no room to complain if they have not put in the same amount of hard work or effort to reach their goals.

I am done venting and am hoping that I will continue to blog on a regular basis. I miss it. I used to be able to have SO much to say and I feel I have lost that because I have lost the ability to just exist in that moment and absorb and observe. I need to feed my soul. I must find a little bit of time each week for myself.

Things to look for in my next blog:

*Senior show ideas
*New products
*Photos of new works
*Photos of new wallets

and much more…….


Peace, Love and Friendship!

SHanna MAe