Just Another Manic Monday….

Wow, it has been quite some time since I have posted an update! Life has sure thrown some curve balls at me. Tossing me back and forth through this journey in life. And that is alright. I am a strong person; I will get through this and the reward will be worth it.

As most know Gaea was vandalized in the beginning of August I believe it was. It was the night before the Dragon Boat races and she was able to be restored to the way she was previous to that. Every one is happy that she has been returned and not too much has changed since she has been returned home. However, there is some very crazy interesting piece of information that I know and am not able to speak of it at this time. At least I do not think I am able too. You will just have to keep reading until I have the okay to say so.

The artist of Gaea; Deborah Davis, did make a very awesome statement that she had posted to the “Bring Gaea Back to the Sculpture Walk”. It was empowering. She spoke on the thoughts she has had as the artist on various aspects. It is interesting how much the stories had twisted, the critics and “paparazzi” aka the media had found their ways to turn things, twist them, and make a bigger deal of it. But I have a feeling it was meant to be that way because I think that it may pay off in the long run.

Right before school; a lot of unfortunate events took place and threw the start of what is a very large load busy semester into a whirl wind of chaos. Things are still happening and sometimes I often wonder when they will just start being “normal”.

I have so many ideas that I want to follow through with and so many things I want to do in life. My days seem like there are not enough hours in it to accomplish the things I would like. Each day I wake up to start a very busy day full of classes, homework, and appointments. By the time I make it home at earliest it is usually about 6:00 pm. But most of the time I don’t reach home until 7:00. I have been getting run down. My body feels so over worked. I am so busy that I forget to eat most days.

I get to spend approximately 5 hours a day with my daughter and it feels like it isn’t enough. She is loving school and the after school program I have her in. Most of the time she is having so much fun she isn’t quite ready to come home. She has been such a little walking plethora of knowledge. She has so many things to share with me. Some things I was never taught in school even. It is so nice to hear her so enthusiastic and happy to share things with me.

Me, on the other hand? I have been busy with Art Association and am now a part of three committees. I am President of the Art Association, Social Chair of the Cedar Hall Committee, and am now serving on the Bemidji Sculpture Walk Committee. Along with all of those fun classes. I only have one problem. I want to be surrounded by passionate artists. People who feed off of the excitement of creating and sharing their thoughts. People who want to participate in artistic endeavors. Last year I could feel all of that artistic energy. It fed my soul. It inspired me. It was amazing being surrounded by all of these very enthusiastic hungry motivated artists. Where is it now? I have a few ideas for the community and will be conducting a survey soon regarding this; and I have a couple of events I am considering organizing to see if I CAN get people more involved and motivated. It is so draining when others are not as excited.

I know, I know. I need to not worry about any one else. But I notice these things. I feel the energy in the atmosphere and when the atmosphere is holding unmotivated energy it kind of makes me wilt. I know and am very bummed that all of the friends I made last year will be graduating and moving on with their lives to more amazing things. I will greatly miss all and am praying that I will be able to accomplish my goal of graduating or completing the BFA program at the end of Fall 2011 Semester. This is a very large goal but I want to finish. It is going to take a lot of determination and hard work. I have no question in my right mind that I will not be able to do this. I know I will. Even if I have break downs on asking myself what I am doing.

I have also signed the “Quit and Win” pledge and will be smoke free for the month of November. I hope I am not as crabby as I think I may be or I will feel terrible for any one who crosses my path.

However, I have a great deal of things to accomplish this evening for school. My BFA Application is due tomorrow and I have to finish my artist statement. My screening is on October 12. We have the Annual Art Association Art show going on in the Touche Gallery on the Bemidji State University Campus in the Upper Hobson Memorial building. Our opening reception is on Wednesday, at 12 pm on October 6th. I would love to see you all there and you have an awesome opportunity of meeting all of the artists. šŸ˜‰

I will have to close for this evening. I hope all have been having a great time since I have last wrote.

Love and Peace Friendships.

Shanna Mae