Bring Gaea back to the Bemidji Sculpture Walk

An artist is someone who sees and feels reality very intensely. Creativity doesn’t mean just making things up out of thin air. It means seeing and feeling the world so vividly that you can put together connections and patterns that help to explain reality. It means you see the beauty in the world rather than trying to hide from it.-Danny Gregory

I have found this quote in the book by Danny Gregory; The Creative Life. This quote is incredibly true. I am just udderly disgusted by the city council and John Chattin’s decision to remove Deborah Davis’s Beaver from the Sculpture walk.

First of all, how is it obscene? There is nothing pornographic about it. It doesn’t create arousal. The image that is colorful on the front is very abstract. I wish I was going to be here for the city council meeting on July 6th. I am definitely writing a letter to everyone that I can that might be able to help get Gaea back on her pedestal in the sculpture walk.

If you have read my previous blog post you will see that the story behind her reasoning of her design is strongly related to mother earth and also has a tie between the oil spill. How disturbing that some people can be so ignorant and sick minded to see something of that sort first. It wasn’t even complained about by the public. It was the cities decision. TERRIBLE!!/pages/Bring-back-Gaea-to-the-Bemidji-Sculpture-Walk/125993044109092?ref=mf

Love, Peace & Friendship.

Shanna Mae


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donna majava
    Jul 04, 2010 @ 22:09:02

    The city council aganda is in the Pioneer this morning. There is nothing on the agenda about the arts. It needs to be requested, or there will be no voice.


  2. donna majava
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 12:32:48

    With this now being national news, they will no doubt give voice. A city manager with no accountability? I will be there for support, this raises too many gender and censorship issues based on a very few, obviously influential complaints. Chattin moved on this without any hesitation or questions. He will no doubt have to answer on Tuesday.


  3. Shanna Mae
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 12:39:20

    I was just informed! Yes, Let us be heard! Let us have a voice. It is art. We want Gaea back where her home is in front of Brigid’s and we want an apology to the artist!


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