Sunday Funday!

I have had a lot I wanted to blog about this past week. I will have to start carrying a notebook just for ideas and thoughts I have that I would like to blog about! I finished up my last week of May term classes!! They were fun and I think the even more awesome part of it is the friends I took away with it! I have made some great friends here in Bemidji! All whom are very talented, quirky, fun and kind hearted!

It was a pretty stressful week with trying to finish up Bookmaking because I had to do an artist book. Which the classes were so intense that I felt a creative block. I did a book on artist trading cards that I made. They were my first round of artist trading cards and were pretty fun to do! I even tried using my sewing machine and that was real neat. However, I did finally pull that off  the night before. Sometimes I have to feel the anxiety and pressure of the deadline before I can actually get myself moving on the project.

I got up early on Friday to finish up some of my wallets to bring in to the local artisan store, Bad Cat Creations! Wow, I love that shop. It is full of so many artistic things by many talented artists! The shop owner Christina Thorne is awesome! I am really glad to have met another artist that is so passionate about what they do and actually have a great heart. I really look forward to working with her and seeing her around. She even has a little website that has a list of all the artists that have a place for their things at her shop. Mine is not up yet because I have to send her some photos and my artist bio. I am extremely excited. I signed a 12 month contract and hope that she will continue to enjoy my small sewn creations.  Her website is .

I have an order for a corn toss board set to complete! It has been a while since I have done a set of these boards. Almost a year now. When things start feeling more like a dreaded job it is easier to put things away for a while so you can still enjoy doing these things at a later time. However, I am ready to get back on the wagon and start creating! 😀 I am all sorts of excited for lots of art this summer!! I will possibly be having a show in July at the Red Rose Theater in Bemidji, MN.

I got to go fishing yesterday and caught one baby walleye AND a very tender sunburn! But I enjoy being on the boat so much in the summer. My grandpa Jack used to be a commercial fisherman and used to take us kids out all the time. I still remember the one day I went fishing with him and he wanted me to drive his boat. He said, “Pick a cloud and drive towards it. But stay away from the reef.” Oh, grandpa…. I think I was only 12 or so and I had no idea what the reef was. He kept hollering at me. “Your going toward the reef, your going toward the reef Shanna.” Well, I picked the cloud and drove towards it. I didn’t go fishing for a while after that. I got too frustrated. I really wish I could’ve went more. I really miss my Grandpa Jack and think of him EVERYTIME I am out on that boat fishing. If it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t of gotten to go much as a child and wouldn’t have such a great appreciation for it!

I will close for now because mom made home made pancakes! MMMmmmmMMMMMmmmmm!!! They are so delicious and I am going to join them for  pancakes before we head back to Bemidji to get some things organized before I start working. 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well!

Here are a few photos that I took with  my phone of my wallets! Also, a super cool bike I found up at Hometown Hardware that I would like to get some day! 🙂 Enjoy!

Love and Peace Friendships!!

Shanna Mae


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